Star Wars News: Knights of the Old Republic Script in the Works by Avatar Producer

Fans of Star Wars have been chomping at the bit for years to see the video game, Knights of the Old Republic transferred to the movie format. Now, after a bit of news a few weeks ago that they are working on getting it turned into an actual film release, more news is breaking that the script is in actual development right now. Apparently, Lucasfilm is making the hard push on the project and have put Avatar producer Laeta Kalogridis on the job. No firm announcement has come down from the execs over at Disney yet, but it seems like this project is going to finally get made. After fan backlash over The Last Jedi, it seems like someone is actually listening to the fans of Star Wars and may give them something they want. 

Knights of the Old Republic is hands down the most popular Star Wars videogame to date, offering up a different timeline than the long running Skywalker saga. The story takes place 4000 years before the event of A New Hope, showing a different era for the Jedi and satisfying the true need for an expanded galaxy. Now, we wait for more news regarding this project.