Terminate This: James Cameron Confirms John Connor Will Appear in Terminator: Dark Fate

Fans of the ill fated Terminator series have plenty to be worried about. After three less than stellar sequels that have basically driven the franchise into the ground and a trailer that didn't really pack that much of a punch, many were left wondering where's John Connor? Questions were raised about how deep the ret-con was going. But now, James Cameron has shed some light by stating that the leader of the resistance will be making some form of appearance in the upcoming sixth entry in the long running franchise. 

In a recently deleted video, Cameron stated:

"We'll be continuing with Sarah's story, John's story, and the T-800 returns with a very different role to play than what we've seen before". 

Last year a photo surfaced of a young actor (Jude Collie) that would be standing in for a young John Connor with CGI'd features to replicate the actor that played him in T2, Edward Furlong. But we're not sure how the footage will be used.  With some words from Cameron himself, it does seem that we'll at least bits of John Connor in the film. At least he might look the part instead of recasting another adult version of the military leader. 

Now we wait and see how's he's used in the movie.