The Movie Sleuth Longbox: Top Ten Reasons to Attend Motor City Comic Con 2019


Merch: This one seems pretty obvious but....merch is awesome, getting that pop you've been looking for, that G1 Transformer import that you'd kill for, yeah, it might be there. Seriously, who doesn't like finding crazy stuff you didn't know you want, but now that you've seen it, you MUST OWN, RIGHT NOW!


(Photo Courtesy of Rowan Rayne Cosplay)

Cosplayers: Now, this goes more than one way. If you are a cosplayer, well, duh, this is the place to be. If you aren't, but enjoy checking out the awesome costuming skills on the cosplayers, well, um, yeah, this is still the place to be. Besides the average cosplayers, honestly the most fun are the kids in cosplay just having a good time being their heroes, it's amazing and if it doesn't warm your heart you are a Scrooge of Grinch like proportions.


(The Avengers Will NOT Be Here, Don't Be Daft)

Panels: Who doesn't want to go see their favorite star(s) talk to a room full of people (George Takei I'm looking at you)?  Last year Rob Paulson sang the Animaniacs Countries song in character, and the woman doing sign language trying to keep up like a boss made the whole panel, it was that amazing (I have a video of it if you are interested.).


Friends: What better place to meet people with the same tastes as you than at a place full of people that have the same tastes as you? I know, crazy talk. They even have geek speed dating, in both CIS and LGBTQ varieties! Grab a bite, hang out, geek out, make out, it could be you!



Yeah, yoga, with Charlie Hunnam, imagine doing yoga with that dream boat.....I'll there? See, Motor City is awesome.


Jim Lee, yes, that Jim Lee will be there. Yes, he's as nice as he seems. Yes, if you pay you can actually meet and talk to him. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The guy might be the best comic artist since well, he's just one of the best ever comic artists. I'll write about who I think are the best at another time.


Celebrities: Meet, shake hands with, embarrass yourself with those stars that you have always wanted to meet. There will be a ton there. You'll have plenty of chances to make an awkward comment that you'll never forget for the rest of your life, but that will still be a great story. Just imagine being the one person who can tell you're one of a kind horrifying story! It'll be great, I promise.


(Photo Courtesy of Ken Krekeler)

Comic artists: There will be a ton of them there, artist alley is amazing, the artists are actually....friendly. Head over and chat them up, just don't hit on them, that's creepy and they won't like it, most won't anyways. Also, important note, BUY ART FROM THEM, support the artists you like.


Comics: It is a comic con. Buying comics is why many of us are there. There will a ton there to buy and oogle. Do it. Support the industry. Keep comics and cons alive. Be the hero we deserve.


Well this is the most obvious reason of all. Your buddies, The Movie Sleuth and Reel Crime will be on hand at Motor City Comic Con to chat with you, listen to your insults, cry, and apologize for that time when we were wrong about how many movies Tom Savini worked on in the Friday the 13th series. Hey, if you're really lucky, you can harass us as we record one of the many livecasts we'll be doing from the Con Floor!

There we have it! Get your ass to Mars! I mean Motor City Comic Con and come say hi, I promise we'll have the more dangerous personalities in muzzles (I'm looking at you Chris).

-Trevor West