Netflix Now: The Perfection (2019) - Reviewed

Lately it seems that the catalog of original horror films on Netflix can be a hit or miss. Every once in a while, the streaming platform gets it right with something so insanely out of left field that it leaves our jaw on the floor in amazement. Or is that bemusement? For us, this is their best genre effort of 2019, so far. Taking cues from the indie projects that seem to fill the cultural landscape of all things scary as of late, this is a palette cleanser that definitely swaps the norm for the absolutely freaky. 

With The Perfection, they offer up a tasty but vomit inducing perversity that's lined with twists, turns, and some awesome music to boot. Combining numerous horrific themes into this little ninety minute gem, audiences are toiling over the unique writing, eye wincing gore, and brutality that all fits under the guise of an envelope pusher. The Perfection is not your everyday horror flick. Nope. It's actually something unique when it seems like the genre is once again struggling a bit. The acting is strong. The dialogue thoughtful. And the scenes of mutilation definitely had us deciding whether we should laugh, cry or go see a doctor to have this thing looked at. 

Play some Skynyrd!

Based on a story that's centered on classical musicians trying to reach their highest peak, this definitely strays into fresh territory. Things move at a frenetic pace as the story evolves from a high class exhibition of precise musicianship to third world escapism right back to the terrifying core of the tale. There is a dry wit that offers an anchor for the film while the thriller element slowly takes aim at making the viewer totally uncomfortable. If not for the talents of Allison Williams (Get Out) and Logan Browning (Dear White People), this entire thing would have fallen flat on its face. The connection and chemistry between the two actors is the lynch pin for the entire story, with an older and creepier Steven Weber playing the cold antagonist with evil gusto. 

Underneath the surface, there is a definite look at rape culture and the sexual abuse of women. However, some of it definitely feels a bit exploitive or as if the director and writer didn't really understand how to get their point across. Any time you start introducing the potential plot line for underage girls being assaulted by grown men at their own whim, things tend to get a little sticky. Personally, I actually had a hard time when this topic was broached in the movie. This is something (even in horror) that needs to be approached with caution. In current times, a topic such as this requires care. To me, it felt a bit heavy handed and unnecessary to get the point across. 

The Perfection isn't 'perfect' by any means but it does move in directions that are required to stay out front of the ever growing heap of these movies. At minimum, it does something new with talented people that had the cajones to try something jarring with the project. If you're gonna give this one a shot, we highly suggest being prepped for some graphic scenes of violence, evacuated bodily fluids, and a humor laced darkness that sits perfectly at home with the off the wall script. If you're a horror fan, check it out. But be prepared. It is unsettling. 

Chris George