TV News: Game of Thrones Writer Bryan Cogman Signs on For Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series

In a bit of really cool news, one of the writers on HBO's now concluded Game of Thrones series has signed on to help out on the upcoming Lord of the Rings show that's set to hit Amazon in the future. 

Writer Bryan Cogman has joined the team for the new series as a consultant to its core writing staff. Cogman will be working with JD Payne and Patrick McKay to help develop the show for the Amazon Prime streaming service. Cogman previously worked hand in hand with Benioff and Weiss as an assistant. Now, he'll be putting in some work to bring the legendary Tolkien tale into our homes. Cogman did help out quite a bit on GOT, writing the second episode of Season 8, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. 

The show is said to take place during the Second Age, which will put it 3000 years between the series and the beginning of the Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Rings took place during the final years of the Second Age. The program is said to have a massive budget of $500 million between buying the rights and production costs. It has not begun filming yet. It will be hitting Amazon sometime in 2021. Hopefully, they deliver something great!