Avenged! Marvel Studios Planning To Re-Release All Films in 4K

Excelsior! It looks like Endgame might be rounding out its theatrical run just as breaking news hits the world of home viewing. Marvel Studios has announced today that all the movies they've released since Iron Man will now be released in 4K for our viewing pleasure. Just when we thought the MCU couldn't get any more perfect, it seems that we'll be double dipping on a bunch of movies we already own to get the upgraded package. 

When Captain Marvel producers Victoria Alonso and Jonathon Schwartz were questioned about the home release of their movie, Alonso revealed that:

"We are going to remaster all our films in 4k. We're in the process of doing that, so it's all happening."

As an enthusiast, collector, and completist, this is pretty amazing news that will surely sell a ton more copies for the home viewing market. Luckily, it sounds like it's going to be a gradual project, so all the films won't be getting released all at the same time. It shouldn't break the bank, so to say. But knowing that they're doing this is exciting news for those of us that like the Marvel films. Isn't that pretty much everyone?