Django Unchained: Django/Zorro Movie in the Works from Tarantino And Carmichael

The comic series Django/Zorro is reportedly in the works from the partnership of Quentin Tarantino and Jerrod Carmichael. The project is based on a story that sees the famed protagonist from Django Unchained cross paths with the classic sword wielding hero, Zorro. It is currently unclear how involved Tarantino will be in the project, if he'll direct, or if the movie will be handed off to someone else to tackle. However, Carmichael has been officially hired to start developing the script for the movie. The comic books see Django partner with Zorro for another violent adventure. 

The upcoming film will adapt the comic that was initially penned by Matt Wagner, with original art by Esteve Polls. The comic served as an official sequel to Django Unchained. 

With no confirmed Tarantino involvement, it remains to be seen if Jamie Foxx returns to the character. But, no matter what, it's kinda cool to see there is an original project in development in Hollywood at the moment. We obviously can't wait to see when and if this happens.