Horror News: The New Candyman To Be A 'Spiritual Sequel'

In a year that's seen horror once again do amazing things at the box office, we're getting more great news about the upcoming Candyman from Jordan Peele and his Monkeypaw Productions. The original 1992 classic is being respawned into a new film that will modernize the tale of the character and will also give younger fans a new shot at experiencing the mythology of Candyman. Now, there's more news hitting that says the upcoming film which will release in approximately one year will not be a straight reboot but will be a 'spiritual sequel' as now stated by Jordan Peele himself. 

During the Produced By Conference Creative panel, The New Age of Horror, creative director Ian Cooper from Monkeypaw had this to say about the project:

"What we’re doing with Candyman and how Jordan is crafting it on the page is going to be very exciting and rewarding to audiences that haven’t seen the original film as well as people who’ve seen the original film.  In a broad sense of the word, this film will stand alone if you’ve never heard of a film called Candyman and will dovetail in a pretty complicated and interesting way to the original. In short, I think this will really fit in with what we’re doing with Us and did with Get Out in a way that will be circuitous.”

Sounds rad to us.