Indy News: Harrison Ford Says Indiana Jones Starts Filming Next Week (Updated)

In what seems to be a long shot, it appears that the next in the Indiana Jones franchise may start rolling as soon as next week. After the critical dismissal of the Crystal Skull, many have been not so sure about another entry in the long running franchise. But, it's been discussed for years that there would be a fifth and most likely final outing for Harrison Ford as the character. With other '80s icons like Rambo seeing a last movie with an actor in the '70s, it really wouldn't be that shocking. However, there were never any reports of a completed script. Now, the lead actor says that the movie will start filming next week. 

It was recently reported that This is Us creator Dan Fogelman had been hired to pen a new script that would abandon the ideas that Kasdan had been working on. With a total rewrite and no other confirmed announcements about the project, it seems stunning that Ford says it's right around the corner. 

When speaking to Variety at the premiere of The Secret Life of Pets 2, which he has a voice role in, Ford said Indiana Jones 5, "should be starting to shoot next week" and that the movie is "coming along well".  Ford has been known to be quite the joker in the past, so this might just be his way of telling reporters to stop asking him or maybe it's true....all of it. 

This has been updated as of tonight. The initial report was incorrect. Pre-production will be starting next week as Mr. Spielberg will be filming West Side Story.