Savior of the Universe: Taika Waititi Signs For Flash Gordon Film

It's been decades since we've had a proper Flash Gordon movie. Although the character was relaunched as a television series several times, he's failed to get the reboot treatment in the cinema. Now, it looks like they're finally ramping up to bring Flash back to the theaters, and from early word it seems that it may end up being an animated feature that will be helmed by Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi. Considering that the 1980 Flash Gordon was his biggest influence on the Marvel movie, he could be a perfect fit. The studio has brought him on board the project after numerous other directors including Matthew Vaughn and Julius Avery dropped out. 

With no other news relating to the project at this time, several sites are reporting that Taika will begin work on the film after he completes post production on Jojo Rabbit. Again, early rumblings say this will be an animated treatment, however that could all change. 

At one time, it was said that there would be a passing of the guard sequel connected to Mike Hodges 1980 movie starring the now legendary Sam Jones. Nothing every came of that plan and now it looks like they're heading in a new direction completely.