Movie Collectibles: The Art of Poster Memorabilia

As movie fans and completists, one of the more interesting aspects of our favorite form of entertainment are the collectibles that fill the ever changing landscape. 

From toys to rare figures to clothing to art and statues, there is a constant barrage of things to line our home theaters and shelves with. But perhaps one of the most interesting things to collect are movie posters. Since the dawn of the internet age, we as movie addicts know and understand that poster art is something that can either feature classic designs, alternate images, and artistic renderings that may give us a new and unique look at our favorite on screen characters. Many people like to not only collect the poster art as autograph collecting has also become part of the hunt. Luckily for us, things are way easier to find via this wonderful thing called the internet. 

Now, the website comes along and offers a huge assortment of posters that come in various shapes, sizes, formats, rarity levels, and collections that span some of the biggest and best franchises. On their front page, you can find amazing new signed/autographed posters from Marvel, Star Wars, Batman, and basically any other iconic pop culture franchise you could ever imagine. Their posters come in either framed or unframed formats, with most being signed by the stars of the featured film. All their products also include a certificate of authenticity to verify the signatures are real. 

Digging through their archives, I was able to find posters for South Park, Stargate SG-1, Heroes, Lost, Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Sopranos and tons of other genre entries that will definitely be of interest to a wide assortment of entertainment junkies. What's even more impressive is their super easy website format. All their products are easy to find in their intuitive menu that allows users to quickly find what they're searching for. Also, they always have sales running that make the most expensive posters more affordable across the board. 

So, if you're in the market, The Movie Sleuth fully endorses this website as a really sweet option if you're in the market to buy some new poster art for your home theater, studio, or living area. Prices seem to range from around $300-$2000 with numerous options including framed or not framed and all include a COA. You can't go wrong. Check back here later for an awesome new giveaway that we'll be posting via this website!