Movie News: Game Night Directors To Tackle Dungeons & Dragons Reboot

The Dungeons & Dragons film reboot has seen quite a bit of turmoil over the years. Ever since the 2000 movie version was a total misfire, the property has changed hands multiple times with numerous planned iterations being canned long before production. As the main originator of role playing games back in 1974, it still remains extremely popular today, especially with Stranger Things paying tribute in various ways. Over the last couple years, interest has been revitalized and a new film has been discussed. Now, it looks like it's finally going to happen. 

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (the creators behind the comedy hit Game Night) are now officially attached to bring a new D&D movie to the screen. Michael Grillo is penning a script while they ready production on the project. Daley and Goldstein both departed the planned Flash movie starring Ezra Miller which now gives them the space to get this going finally. They both worked together on 2015's Vacation reboot and cowrote Spider-Man: Homecoming. With some hits behind them, it will be exciting where they go with Dungeons & Dragons.