Netflix News: Stranger Things 3 Sets Massive Viewership Record

Obviously, fans were eagerly awaiting the third season of Stranger Things. After a long hiatus while The Duffer Brothers worked away trying to give us the best set of episodes they could, the show returned last week and ended up setting new records for Netflix. After a mildly disappointing season two, the latest eight episodes surely ramped up the quality and most are extremely happy with the way it turned out. In the first few days of release, the show went on to its highest viewership numbers yet. 

Since the Fourth of July release date, Stranger Things 3 has already tallied up 40.7 million household accounts that have begun watching the new episodes. And over 18 million unique memberships have already binge watched or completed the full season. This really isn't that surprising as the official trailer was the most watched video ever in the history of the Netflix Youtube channel. Check out their tweet below! Now, we cannot wait for a Stranger Things 4. With rumors of the next season being the final, we really hope they keep up the good work!