News From Derry: IT Returning To Theaters With New Footage

When IT released in 2017, it went on to be a massive hit that further proved how important Stephen King is to horror and cinema. Based on the extremely popular novel, the film went on to be the highest grossing R rated movie of all time with a gross of $700 million worldwide. While fans wait for Chapter Two to hit cinemas, it's been announced that the first movie will be getting an exclusive re-release on August 3rd and 6th. The reprise will feature an additional 8 minutes of footage tacked on to the end as a post credits scene. This footage is taken directly from Chapter Two, meaning fans of the film will get an early peek at some of what's happening in the second part. We're already kinda scared. 

Fandango posted to Twitter earlier, teasing the upcoming two day release. This will also help push those grosses a little bit higher prior to the return of Pennywise in Chapter Two