News: The Last Starfighter Sequel Back in Development

For years, fans of The Last Starfighter had hoped for a proper sequel to the now classic '80s adventure that saw a video game fan turned into galactic pilot. Now, decades later, it appears that the writer behind the original is currently in active development on a sequel. Gary Whitta, who also worked on Rogue One, is currently working up the story for a proposed part two and would also serve as producer on the continuation. 

The original Last Starfighter featured some of cinema's first ever CGI graphics and was cutting edge for its time. Coming on the coattails of Star Wars, it didn't do huge box office numbers but had a large following that continues to grow over the years. The 1984 film was left wide open for a sequel. Hopefully with some hard work from Whitta, we might finally see the story continue on. Check out Whitta's Twitter post below.

With so many retro themed shows and movies now making major bank for the studios, this might be the perfect time to get this one into theaters!