Rambo News: Last Blood Receives Hard R Rating

Today it was revealed by Sylvester Stallone the upcoming fifth and supposedly final entry in the long running Rambo series would be receiving a hard R rating that falls in line with all the other previously released films. After 11 years, John Rambo is back in a new story that's said to finally bring closure to the film franchise that's been running since the '80s. With the title Last Blood and some rumblings from Stallone himself, it seems that the character will finally be receiving some finality with Last Blood. However, the same was said about Creed II. This last week, the star said he's working on two more Rocky projects. So, never really count him out. 

Earlier today via his personal Instagram, Stallone said that the film is rated R. Along with that he says that "Death is coming". We certainly hope so.