Sci Fi News: Lionsgate Picks Up Science Fiction Film Voyagers Starring Colin Farrell and Lily-Rose Depp

A couple months ago, we reported on the upcoming science fiction movie called Voyagers. The film will be a science fiction updated version of the Lord of the Flies that will see the story loosely translated to outer space. With the film quickly ramping up and the casting of Lily-Rose Depp and Colin Farrell, it looks as though Lionsgate has officially been picked up for distribution by Lionsgate. 
Check out the plot summary below. We're sure you'll see the direct influences of the Lord of the Flies. 

30 children who are sent on a multi-generational mission to populate a new planet. After the captain of the mission is killed in mysterious circumstances, the young crew descends into chaos, aligning themselves into tribes as they surrender to their most feral impulses. 

Jason Constantine of Lionsgate had this to say in relation to the project:

"Acquiring U.S. rights to Voyagers was an easy decision for us. We have worked with Neil Burger very successfully and he will without a doubt create an experience with Voyagers as a sophisticated and stylish event sci-fi thriller. Paired with the amazing producing team behind John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, and this outstanding cast of our industry’s most talented young actors, this package had everything we were looking for that made us excited and eager to jump on board. Voyagers is a unique opportunity to present an elevated horror film with deep and complex morality themes.”