SDCC 2019: Blade Runner 2019 Issue #1 Available Now

Blade Runner, one of the most influential stories in the science fiction genre, has moved into the world of comics. Blade Runner 2049’s Academy Award nominated screen writer Michael Green, along with co-writer Mike Johnson (Supergirl, Star Trek), and artist Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark, Captain America) have teamed up to bring fans a new story inside of this neo-noir universe. 

Jeff Conner (Alcon Media Group), David Leach (senior creative editor of Titan Publishing), along with writer Mike Johnson talked with Hollywood Reporter’s Graeme McMillan at Titan’s Comic-con panel about the direction of the Blade Runner 2019

Explaining to the audience that this is not a “Karaoke” of the original story, Mike Johnson says the comic focuses on a female blade runner named Ash who has a deep hatred for replicants. This hatred, along with her fierce hunting skills, have been so efficient at retiring replicants that Blade Runner 2019 begins with Ash taking a traditional detective gig. However, what appears to be a simple missing person’s case soon pulls Ash into a rabbit hole of exploring the relationship between humans and technology. 

Although this is a completely separate story than that of Deckard’s, Blade Runner 2019’s creators aimed to fit it appropriately in the franchise timeline. They wanted to avoid a silo effect and worked hard to marry the world of the comic with that of the original film while remaining completely original. Mike Johnson said he often listened to the motion picture soundtrack while writing and David Leach told the audience that artist Andres Guinaldo used the exact same color palette as the 1982 film to create continuity. Flipping through the pages of the first issue, it definitely feels like you are in the dystopian Los Angeles from the film. The art is exquisitely dark and dreamily haunting and I am excited to explore this new series. Titan Comics released Issue #1 on Wednesday and it is now available for purchase. 

-Dawn Stronski