Televised Vamps: The Lost Boys Pilot Back On

For several years, a Lost Boys television series has been in the works. And each time it looked to get off the ground, something happened. When The CW got really close to production last Spring, the station decided to drive a stake through the heart of the project, once again putting the project in a suspended state. Now though, it looks like they're finally done redrafting the script for the pilot and are aiming for the show to get a production kick off this Fall. When speaking about the project, Rob Thomas (the brains behind the series) had this to say:
“The writer, Heather Mitchell, is doing a rewrite on the script right now, we have gotten through the notes process. We are going to shoot the pilot this fall.”
Supposedly, the retooling is not extensive, making it much easier to get a fresh start. 
“There were scenes that we thought we could do a better job on, so it’s going through a 40% rewrite. It’s not a total rewrite.”
It also sounds like they're sticking to the original premise of the movie with this new series. This might make fans of the first film a bit happier. In current times, many have not liked classics being tooled with. Perhaps with this reworking, we might finally get this thing off the ground. Thomas says he's been working on The Lost Boys for four years now.

Now, enjoy some sax.