Have You Seen This Boy?: Edward Furlong Discusses His Terminator Return

It's been a long time since Edward Furlong played John Connor in the now classic '90s film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Now, he's returning in the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate which ret-cons all the other sequels. Fans were super excited to find out he would be reprising the role in the upcoming release, as Linda Hamilton is also coming back as Sarah Connor. With James Cameron back in the fold as a producer, it looks like we might finally get the proper sequel we deserve. Recently, Furlong attended a Terminator panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con. When talking with The Arnold fans he revealed how he felt returning to the iconic role of John Connor:

"It was like a blessing man. I was very excited you know, like really uh, yeah I was trying to turn my life around at that point – so I mean it was uh, it was kinda a good call to get, you know? It kinda felt like a gift from all that you know, plus I was supposed to do the other Terminator but I done f***ed that s*** up, So I gotta tell you, I was proud."

It's well known that Furlong fell into a bad drug habit and was no longer working in Hollywood for years now. It's good to hear he's got a positive attitude and might just see a revitalization for his career. We can't wait to see Dark Fate!