Horror News: Alexandre Aja To Direct Choose Your Own Adventure Horror For Amblin

Horror maestro Alexandre Aja is in the early stages of developing a new horror project for Amblin Entertainment. With several amazing genre entries under his belt including High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes (remake), and this summer's sleeper hit Crawl, the director is moving on to something unique. He's going to be working on a Haunted House type choose your own adventure for Spielberg's brand, Amblin Partners. The project was inspired by Mike Flanagan's The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. 

Jeff Howard (Oculus) is going to be writing the script with assistance Aja and scribe Nick Simon. Amblin is teaming with Kino Industries CTRLMovie technology in the development of the project. The movie will have a different plot, run time, and ending dependent on the choices the viewer makes. Obviously, this was also influenced by the Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch. 

There is no current word on when the project will be released, but it's an interesting premise that's much needed in the world of horror right now.