Sci-Fi/Horror News: Event Horizon Series Set for Amazon

Perhaps one of the most widely discussed films on our podcast has been the 1997 horror sci-fi film, Event Horizon starring Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill. Now, Amazon is in the early developmental stages on a new series that will translate that film to its very own streaming service. Paramount and Amazon are teaming up for the project that will be produced by modern horror director, Adam Wingard. Obviously, he had indie hits with smaller budgeted films like The Guest and You're Next, but also handled the sequel to the found footage classic, The Blair Witch

The original '90s film was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and received little fanfare at the time of its released. Since it seemed to borrow heavily from numerous other genre releases, it didn't do that well critically but has steadily gained traction with horror and science fiction fans alike. 

Variety has reported that the series is in early development with no official release date scheduled yet. This seems like it might be a really cool idea to bring back now that so many other horror films are getting newer treatments. This one was never expanded on with no sequels, prequels, or updated mythology.