Star Trek News: Picard Getting a Prequel Comic and Novel

Star Trek fans the world over have been super excited about the upcoming return of Picard. Now, they're going to be even more geeked as it's been announced that the character will be receiving his very own comic book mini-series and a new novel that will chronicle some of the time between The Next Generation and the time frame of the new televised series. Apparently, the new publications will be post Star Trek: Nemesis and will be very focused on more character development for Picard. Both the comics and the novels will be done in conjunction between Simon and Schuster's Gallery Books brand and IDW Publishing. 

The comic will be titled Star Trek: Picard - Countdown. Early word says that this mini-series will mainly focus on the character leaving Starfleet. It's said that it will tell the tale of the moment that changes his trajectory and leads him to abandoning his leadership role. The novel, The Last Best Hope is said to fast forward closer to the opening moments of CBS' Picard show. It will introduce a batch of new characters that will also be featured in the series.