The Joke's On Us: Joker Tracking For Higher Opening Weekend Than Aquaman

The upcoming Joker film from Todd Philips starring Joaquin Phoenix as an alternative version of the Clown Prince of Crime has seen much division among film fans and the comic book community. While we know that Phoenix is a highly talented actor with a wonderful dramatic skill set, many are not sure how this will help the problems that the DC Cinematic Universe seems to have. With the story supposedly not connected to anything in the comics, questions are still being raised about how they're going to pull this one off. With marketing and promo work still in the early stages, it seems that interest in the movie is driving some early box office projections that point to it being a massive hit for the studio. Early analysts are tracking the release weekend at $77 million which would push it over Aquaman's opening take of $67.8 million.

Early reactions have been very positive so far, with some saying it will definitely be an Oscar contender. The story is said to borrow heavily from Martin Scorsese in its thematic elements. King of Comedy and Taxi Driver have both been credited as influences on the project.