Vinyl Conflict: The World of Godzilla Toys - An Exhibition and Auction of The Mark Livolsi Collection

Midsummer Scream has returned to Southern California this weekend for its annual celebration of all thing haunted and grotesque. Scores of horror and Halloween enthusiasts have packed into the Long Beach Convention Center hoping to meet horror film celebrities, attend panels across the spectrum of the macabre arts, and maybe even acquire some horror and Halloween related merchandise.  All of this excitement is worth the price of admission by itself. However, tucked in the corner of the convention something more significant in the world of pop culture is taking place.

American film editor Mark Livolsi had an almost twenty-year career in Hollywood. His film credits include Vanilla Sky (2001), Wedding Crashers (2005), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Saving Mr. Banks (2013), The Jungle Book (2016), and The Lion King (2019). Along with being a talented film editor, Livolsi also had a reputation in Hollywood for his fierce love of Godzilla. Mark’s passion for the King of Monsters is seen through the massive collection of memorabilia he accumulated throughout the course of his lifetime. From movie posters to vinyl toys, the Mark Livolsi Collection is likely the most significant collection of Godzilla related merchandise on the planet, containing in it some of the rarest collectibles. 

After the passing of Mark Livolsi in September of 2018, his collection has turned into an exhibition titled Vinyl Conflict: The World of Godzilla Toys. Produced by Peekaboo Gallery, the exhibition has been making the rounds in the Los Angeles area, culminating in an auction of the collection, which is taking place both online and at this year’s Midsummer Scream Convention. The auction provides an opportunity for fellow Godzilla fans to own one of these much-desired items. 

If the breaking up of such a significant collection sounds a bit tragic to you (like it does to me), you can view it in its entirety with the exhibition catalog of the collection produced by Peekaboo Gallery. Totaling almost 300 pages, this hardcover art book features more than 1200 items, organized into lots, which provides historical information, the progression of Godzilla toy history, and includes a cover designed by Tom Whalen. A beautiful addition to any fan’s library. 

For more information on Vinyl Conflict: The world of Godzilla Toys, on how to take part in the auction, or how to acquire the art book visit Peekaboo Gallery’s website.