Ghostbusters News: Dan Aykroyd Confirms Ghostbusters 3 Appearance

Dan Aykroyd has confirmed that he'll be appearing in the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 alongside other original cast members. When talking on the Joe Rogan podcast, the star said that he'll definitely be in the new movie alongside more of the folks from the first couple movies. Even though he didn't necessarily state who would be joining the film, we're really hoping that Bill Murray decides to at least make a cameo. The actor famously hates the Ghostbusters movies and has shot down all previous offers to appear in a subsequent film. Here's what Dan had to say on the Rogan podcast:

"I'm not in the pictures so much anymore. We’ve got the Ghostbusters movie that we’re working on now, and I will have to be performing in that, it’s really good.Ivan Reitman’s son Jason has written a new movie, called — well, it’s gonna be Ghostbusters, the third movie… It’ll be all, most of the original people. And then young stars..... Yes, some from the original.”

Other support stars including Annie Potts and Sigourney Weaver have also stated their interest in coming back to the franchise after decades. Of course, Rick Moranis is fully retired from the business. And Ernie Hudson was not confirmed by Aykroyd. So, that leaves Murray. We really hope he does the right thing and comes back!