It's Happening Again (Again?): Twin Peaks Season 4 Rumors are Heating Up

For the last five years, the television world has caught reboot, revisit, sequel fever. Every show under the sun has the potential to be revisited in this new era. Most were retreads that just feel pointless and pandering but one of the better revivals was 2017's Twin Peaks: The Return. It was weird, challenging, funny, dark, and strange, less of a show and more of a 17 hour injection of pure black tar David Lynch shot directly into your eyeballs. We were big fans. While the season and show ended on a haunting final note and with several of the supporting actors deceased, nothing is truly ever over in the town of Twin Peaks. 

We Got This Covered and some Twitter sources like Hollywood Horror Museum, are reporting that Showtime and David Lynch are in active development on a fourth season of Twin Peaks, airing next year potentially. We haven't heard from anywhere else about these but we are going to keep our ears to the ground and take these rumors with grains and grains of salt for right now. We Got This Covered cite their source as the same source who confirmed their Ghostbusters and Star Wars scoops and Hollywood Horror Museum does not name who told them this info but suggests that it is someone affiliated with Twin Peaks. 

It wouldn't surprise us that Showtime is trying to bring back Twin Peaks. Especially considering the record number of digital subscribers it brought them back in the summer of 2017. In the era of streaming, when you post those kind of numbers and subscriptions, you try and milk that for all you can. The show was a hit on streaming and tapped into a base of subscribers that Showtime wants and needs to thrive in the Streaming Wars era we are in now. 

Whatever the truth may be, we would gladly return to the strange and bewildering world of Twin Peaks or go on whatever trip David Lynch wants us to go on. We're fun like that. Just need to pick up some cherry pie and some coffee for the road. We'll even watch David Lynch do the weather.