News from Little China: Shout Factory Releasing New Collector's Edition of John Carpenter's BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA

If you've noticed a gaping hole in Shout Factory's lineup of John Carpenter steelbooks as of recent years, you weren't the only one. The boutique home video label announced yesterday that they are releasing a new collector's edition of the beloved classic starring Kurt Russell (extra features have not yet been detailed)- and there will be plenty of options to choose from for the diehard fan.

For $27.99, you can get the standard collector's edition Blu-ray, which sports a nice standard cover reminiscent of the original theatrical release. For a few dollars more, you can get their limited edition steelbook, which would go nicely along the other Carpenter steelbooks you've probably been collecting (especially the Prince of Darkness steelbook). 

After that is where the prices start to jump a little higher. For $52 you can get the standard Blu-ray, along with a poster of the same cover art and a green-colored 7" vinyl record of selections from the film's soundtrack- all housed in a nice looking black slipcase. $54 will get you all that, but the steelbook and their exclusive lithograph of their steelbook art, with the same other goodies included. 

Then, for the ultimate completionist, you can drop a mere $72 ($82 MSRP) for both the standard collector's edition Blu-ray case, the steelbook case, the poster, the exclusive lithograph, and the vinyl soundtrack; all, of course, still housed in that lovely black box that will surely go nicely with your other collector's items sitting on your shelves. 

Shout Factory's Big Trouble in Little China collector's edition will be released on December 3rd. Prepare your wallets.