Sony and Marvel Make Up: Spider-Man Will Stay in the MCU

Earlier this summer, fans and the entertainment industry were shocked by the unraveling of the Marvel Studios/Sony partnership on the Spider-Man franchise. This was a fruitful partnership for both, considering Spider-Man: Far From Home was a billion dollar movie and generally well recieved by critics and fans a like.

However, neither could manage to find a deal that would work for either of them to continue their work together. Fans were afraid of being left on a cliffhanger that would never be resolved. The curse of thirds happening again to poor Spidey. Again, a Spider-Man series would be derailed by the third movie in the franchise.

Well, fear not. The national crisis is over and Spidey will be staying in the MCU. Per Variety, Sony and Marvel have managed to come together to keep this going.  Marvel Studios Kevin Feige will produce the third installment in the franchise alongside Amy Pascal and the folks at Sony. The film will release on July 16, 2021 and Tom Holland will also return to play Spider-Man. He will not only just be in the untitled Spider-Man 3, but future Marvel Studios films as well. 

We are happy to see that the two studios kissed and made up and to have more Tom Holland Spider-Man. It's some news to swing into the weekend with.