TV News: Battlestar Galactica Reboot In the Works from NBC Universal

Today, NBCUniversal announced that they are currently working on a reboot of the beloved science fiction series Battlestar Galactica.  Sam Esmail, the creative mind behind Mr. Robot is said to be at the helm of the project.  

The original 1978 series was short-lived.  In 2003 Ronald D. Moore revived the franchise and delivered one of the greatest television experiences of the century.  The new series will debut on NBC's exclusive streaming service, Peacock. 

Many fans are questioning why they would reboot this property so soon after the hit SyFy series that we're still continuing to rewatch. It was a definitive reboot that changed many of the core concepts behind the original show and went on to become a massive hit for the cable outlet. We're not sure the direction they plan on going with a third iteration but certainly hope they have a bit of fresh creativity behind the upcoming streaming launch of the rebooted series. Check back here for further news regarding the new BSG.