When To Watch The Watchmen: HBO Premiere Date Revealed

The new Watchmen show on HBO has obviously already stirred up fans. Some are not sure about the franchise making its way to cable tv. Others are super stoked. I'm part of the latter. 

Billed as a future continuation of the story, it has no direct connection to the film and does not serve as a direct sequel. It will basically serve as its own entity that centers on a future world where masked superheroes have been banned from serving justice. Loosely based on the Alan Moore and David Gibbons legendary comic about masked vigilantes, this new adaptation finds itself among the Sunday night lineup on HBO. This latest version takes place in a dystopian world where heroes have been outlawed and law officers wear masks. 

Don Johnson will star as the Tulsa chief of police as Jeremy Irons plays an aging Ozymandias. Jean Smart will be taking on the role as Silk Spectre. Dr. Manhattan will also be playing a part in the series but word on how big his part will be has been kept tight lipped. No matter what, we're rather excited to see where this new series goes. 

It was revealed earlier today via Deadline that Watchmen will premiere on HBO on Sunday, October 20th at 9pm Eastern.