Another Glorious Morning: Hocus Pocus Sequel in Development for Disney Plus

As the streaming wars heat up, every studio in town is going through their libraries to find a recognizable IP and make a sequel or reboot to it. If you can name it, they are probably already working on it. No matter what it is, it will be made because these services need as much content as they can get. It comes off as a bit of a surprise that Disney hadn't announced a Hocus Pocus sequel until today. 

Just in time for the Halloween season, Disney Plus announced today that they are currently working on a sequel to the 1993 perennial Halloween family classic, Hocus Pocus. Details are scarce since it is in the early stages of development but Workaholics alum Jen D'Angelo is currently attached to write the sequel. There is no word yet on whether or not the Sanderson sisters are coming back but something tells me that Disney will bring truckloads of money to get them back because come on. 

The original Hocus Pocus was about a trio of witches cursed witches living in Salem, Ma, who are brought back to life in 1993 by a boy who is exploring an abandoned house with his sister and their new friend. While originally, the film was a flop that cost Disney money. It has since grown in to a cult phenomena over the years due to home video and constant air time on television around the Halloween season.  It is too early to say when this film will be out or even done but I imagine they aren't going to release a Hocus Pocus sequel in July.