Avengers, Assemble: The Infinity Saga Box Set Announced

With the arrival of Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we knew it came to end. The Infinity Saga was the driving element of over 10 years and 23 movies worth of material. The Avengers assembled and defeated their greatest enemy (besides contract disputes with other studios) and we got to experience the wrapping up of this tapestry of movies on the biggest possible screens. And now, you can take home the whole saga with you.

Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Home Entertainment has announced the release of the Infinity Saga box set. 23 Films, all in 4K, with special collectibles like an exclusive letter from the filmmakers and a disc filled with never before seen bonus material. Deleted and extended versions of scenes that Marvel has kept in the vault for over 10 years even including an alternate take of the Iron Man post credits scene. It is everything a Marvel super fan would want. 

The set will cost you a pretty penny, it's pre-order has been set at $549.99 and is set to come out on November 15th. You can also pay for it by going to the soul world and sacrificing someone but we legally recommend that you don't do that.