Edge of Tomorrow 2: Doug Liman Hopes to Shoot When Cruise Completes MI:8

It was just a few years back that director and producer Doug Liman brought Edge of Tomorrow, later titled Live. Die. Repeat. to cinemas. The science fiction/action flick wasn't a huge hit for the studio but went on to gain quite a loyal following. Based on the novel, All You Need is Kill, it added another great sci-fi movie to Cruise's resume and saw Emily Blunt succeed at injecting herself into the female action star spectrum. Ever since the release of the movie, fans have been calling for a sequel. A couple years ago, Doug Liman and Tom Cruise announced that they would both be returning along with Blunt to make a second part tentatively titled Live Die Repeat Repeat. Now it appears that Liman is still moving ahead with the project with plans to start shooting once Cruise completes his scheduled work on Mission Impossible 7 and 8

When speaking with ComicBook.com, he said:

"I'm hoping. If we're going to do it, that would be the time"

He also commented that the script is completely ready and good to roll as soon as Tom Cruise finishes his commitments on the two upcoming MI sequels. We're really looking forward to see what they can do with another film in this franchise. The first seemed to have closure that didn't require more story. But, we'll happily sit down to watch another one.