Galactic News: Rian Johnson Comments on His Star Wars Trilogy...It Doesn't Look Promising

Despite the split opinion over Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, Disney seemed like they were still ready to go full throttle with his planned trilogy. But since it was announced, it became mildly apparent that it might not happen. There was nothing slated in the schedule and no official announcements were made regarding the time frame of his new Star Wars movies. Then a few months back it seemed like Lucasfilm was ready to get the project going again. Yet, no momentum was ever made and it seemed to go totally silent. Now, Johnson has made a statement that shows his hope for the project but ultimately has no real idea what's happening with it. 

When speaking with Bang Hollywood, Johnson wasn't too forthcoming but didn't seem very positive that it's going to happen. He says that Lucasfilm is "in the process of figuring out what they're doing" and that he would be "thrilled if it happens". That doesn't really strike any type of faith that they're moving ahead. We can't see the future, but it really appears that he truly has no idea if he's going to be directing another SW movie or trilogy. 

This makes us sad. If he gets the room to do his own thing with an entire set of films, it could be amazing. Stepping away from the existing mythology could be interesting. Now we wait.