Galactic News: The Rise of Skywalker Full Trailer Coming Monday Night.....With Football

With fans still split down the middle over The Last Jedi, the final chapter of the Skywalker saga is right around the corner. While some are saying they're going to boycott, others are more than ready for another Star Wars movie right about now. Strangely enough, we haven't been given a full trailer yet. All we've seen is a short teaser and a nostalgia trailer that mixed in bits from the entire saga. But at long last it looks like Disney will finally give us the full preview this coming Monday night during ESPN's broadcast. John Boyega's agent sent this post out via Instagram that's a rather big tease towards a potential incoming trailer. We certainly hope so. This is a Disney run outlet and they've been extremely tight lipped about the finale. 

Updated: It's now been verified via several sources that the trailer will drop this Monday night during the football game!