I'll Be Back: James Cameron Planning Terminator: Dark Fate Sequels

It's been a long time coming. After decades of mediocre sequels, the latest entry in the long running Terminator franchise as being called the best since T2: Judgment Day. Early reviews and fan reactions have been nearly all positive which of course means if this latest movie is a financial success, we'll be seeing more films about robots from the future. Although James Cameron was only aboard as a producer and adviser, he's in the early stages of figuring out a way to make sequels, even though Dark Fate was initially planned as a stand alone feature. It seems like he's ready to make this into a new trilogy. Here's what he had to say about it when talking to Collider:

"I feel like one of my major motivations on this film or coming back to the, hopefully, franchise, was to explore the human relationship with artificial intelligence. I don’t feel we did that in Dark Fate. I feel that we set the stage, or we set the table for that exploration, and that exploration would take place in a second film and a third film. And we know exactly where we’re going to take that idea. What we wanted to get in the first movie was this idea that it’s just going to keep happening. The names will change, but the basic conflict is going to continue to take place until it gets resolved one way or the other. And so I believe we’ve set that table and if, like I said, if we get the opportunity, we know where to take the story so that it doesn’t become… I think you start simple, and then you elaborate, and you can elaborate over a series of films. If they’re made by the same people with the same intentions and the same philosophy, then there can be a kind of a story arc across multiple films. But that said, I think Dark Fate stands alone as a pretty good one-time story.”