Interviews: Laura Wiggins Talks Along Came the Devil II

TMS: So, you've been acting since 2006. Tell us how you got started.

LW: I started in local community theater in Georgia. Eventually, I kept taking film classes in Atlanta. I got an agent here. She helped me get the connections in L.A. which eventually led to Shameless. Shameless was what put me on the map as a performer. 

TMS: I've loved that show forever. What's it like for you making that jump from TV to feature films?

LW: Well, one of the things about film is that you really get to make bold choices and move the story along a lot quicker, where with TV we might not what you to know 'that thing' yet. Where film you have to put this information here now because it's going to be over in 90 minutes. It's good to know the life of a movie character and not have to guess like you might with a TV character. 

TMS: Going back to Shameless, you had an integral role in those first couple seasons. How do you think that show moved your career along?

LW: I think it showed people that I am fearless when it comes to subject matter, that I really will try and understand the best I can. I think it put me with actors like Bill Macy and Joan Cusack, where I was getting some of the best training that you get through experience. You wouldn't be able to pull that off in a classroom. You wouldn't get to see people really working. We couldn't have our pages on set. You had to come in memorized which wasn't a huge deal for me. 

TMS: In this new movie, Along Came the Devil II, you're the central character. You've got top billing. What's it like carrying the weight of a film?

LW: I feel like over the years I've watched a lot of experienced actors deal with that. On a technical level, I have to understand that however I'm acting that day is going to set the tone for how everybody else should feel about the day as well. It's kind of a leadership position. 

TMS: You've done a lot of genre work. What's enticing about horror?

LW: I like horror films because you can deal with taboo subjects in abstract ways This isn't what the film is about. But dealing with real life things like addiction in abstract ways with emotion, you know? The fantasy mixed with real life things that we all deal with. 

TMS: Yeah, a lot of these things could or would never happen. 

LW: Right. The devil is never actually going to try and kill me. 

TMS: What can you tell us about the movie?

LW: My character Jordan receives a call that she needs to come home immediately and that her sister is in trouble. When she gets there, she can't find them. From Jordan's perspective it's really about being the naysayer. It's her saying 'no, there's a reasonable explanation' and confronting the fact that there's something to be afraid of. 

TMS: Being that it's Halloween month, what are some of your favorite horror films to watch?

LW: I do love The Shining and Hocus Pocus. I really love the cinematography in the Freddy Krueger movies....Nightmare on Elm Street. The cinematography in horror movies is always great, in this one as well. The big fake moon. The creepy shadows. I love it. 

TMS: What's it like working with Bruce Davison on this movie?

LW: Bruce he brings a lot of depth. He's as confident in this movie as he was in the first one, which makes him seem more illusive in this one. I feel like he made a lot of great character decisions. It was just fun hanging out with him behind the scenes. He's just so normal and silly and funny. He kinda acts like he's grouchy but he's not. Then he drops into character. It's fun. 

TMS: What have early responses been like so far?

LW: So far, we've heard that it's a really fun movie and it looks good. I haven't seen it yet. They won't show me my movie. I asked for it and they said nope, you've got to wait for the premiere. They said they didn't have to cut much out of this one, so that's telling. 

TMS thanks Laura for taking the time to talk to us!!!


Along Came the Devil II is now streaming on Amazon Prime and is in limited theaters.