Knowing Is Half The Battle: Samara Weaving To Star as Scarlett in G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Movie

With Snake Eyes ramping up for production, it looks like we're finally getting some news about the upcoming Hasbro movie. It was reported months ago that Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) had signed on to play the title character in the movie that's called a spin-off but will ultimately be a relaunch of the G.I. Joe cinematic brand. Now, The Wrap has reported that the star of this year's Ready or Not will be taking up arms as the female hero, Scarlett. That's right, folks. Samara Weaving will be our new Scarlett. The character was last played by Rachel Nichols in the 2009 film. 

Weaving has been busy the last couple years building up a solid resume that's been mainly reliant on genre films like Mayhem and The Babysitter. Now, she'll enter the action realm with the latest cinematic version of G.I. Joe. Hopefully this time they get it right!!! Knowing truly is half the battle! We're excited about this casting choice!

Snake Eyes is scheduled to hit theaters October 16th, 2020.