Masters of the Cinematic Universe: He-Man Movie May Go To Netflix

The Masters of the Universe movie has been in development hell since 2007 and has come to light. Although there's always been interest in the character, there was never a solid game plan to get the character back into cinemas. A couple years back there were more rumblings that He-Man would be getting a new live action film but it died again. Now, with a new continuation of the classic cartoon in the early stages with Kevin Smith at the helm, there is tons of renewed interest in the property. It now looks like Sony is once again trying to get a rebooted film version of MOTU and He-Man. 

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that chairman Tim Rothman is in early talks to get the movie treatment done properly. Many ideas are being kicked around, with consideration being given to Netflix releasing the movie in partnership with Sony because it would be a "safe bet". Instead of relaunching to theaters, they're discussing making it a streaming release that would go directly to the growing Netflix catalog. We'll update as we find out more. 

This would be the first He-Man live action movie since the 1987 release starring Dolph Lundgren in the title role.