More Black Than Pitch Black: Riddick 4 To Film In 2020

Up until now, the Riddick movies have been a mixed bag of good and bad. The original Pitch Black still has quite a cult following that relies on its dynamic mix of science fiction and claustrophobic horror. The second film, The Chronicles of Riddick tried to cram too much in while the third entry seemed to go back to the well with a more basic story. Director David Twohy has been working towards a fourth installment since 2013's relatively better and simply titled, Riddick. However, he's struggled to get the studio on board the .project due to budgetary constraints and the fact that they're not a sure fire franchise. Now, it appears that Twohy is finally getting the fourth feature together. 

It was reported today, that Riddick 4 will finally be getting in front of cameras in 2020. Early word says that Vin Diesel's character will be returning home to Furya where he will once again do battle in the dark. Right now it's simply titled Riddick 4: Furya but could obviously change in time. Hopefully this one gets it right because the simplistic, Alien-esque premise of the first did wonders for Diesel's career. 

We'll update as we find out more!