No Laughing Matter: Joker To Crush This Weekend's Box Office

joaquin phoenix

After an amazing first weekend at the box office which set numerous records, it looks like Todd Philips' version of the Clown Prince of Crime will go on to another stunning victory. Initial projections had it dropping off to roughly $40 million over this weekend, but is now looking to do much better than those estimations. The film is now looking to take in another $58.7 million in ticket sales. This will be the biggest October second weekend take ever. Last weekend, Joker set a new October opening record beating out last year's release of Venom. It's now set to hit the $200 million mark in domestic ticket sales by Sunday. 

Philips' dark and grounded version of the character has been a complete success for the studio and the director. Although they're saying that he won't intersect with the upcoming The Batman, Phoenix has already voiced interest in returning to play Joker again. While no plans have been inked quite yet, it would surprising if they decide not to make a sequel considering how well this is doing domestically and overseas.