A Star Wars Christmas: Jon Favreau Wants A New Star Wars Holiday Special

By now we know that fans across the galaxy are still at war over Disney's treatment of Star Wars. The Last Jedi is still up for rabid debate all over the internet. But, this last week saw most fans of the saga come together and agree on how sweet the first episode of The Mandalorian was. Putting aside all of our differences, we think most would say that the Star Wars Holiday Special was probably the worst part of the entire mythology. It was a rather embarrassing event that even Lucasfilm has basically buried. Now, when speaking with Variety at a fan event, Jon Favreau says he'd like to revive the special idea with an updated version centered on the new show. 

“Oh I would definitely be interested in doing a holiday special,” Favreau said. “And I’m not going to say who I would be interested in. But one of the people is the member of the cast in an upcoming episode of the show. So we’ll leave it at that for now. I’ve been thinking about it. It’s ready, the ideas are ready. I think it could be really fun. Not as part of this, but there’s an excitement around it because it was so fun and weird, and off and not connected to what Star Wars was in the theater. The Mandalorian cartoon, the Boba Fett cartoon, from the holiday special was definitely a point of inspiration for what we did in the show.”

We're not really sure of what to think of this idea, but it's in good hands now, so maybe they should give it a shot! It couldn't be worse than a Stormtrooper's aim. Or could it?