Beam Us Up: Fargo Creator Noah Hawley to Direct Fourth Star Trek Feature

Ever since the financial failure of Star Trek: Beyond, Paramount has been up in the air with what they were going to do with the franchise. Rumors were circulating that Tarantino was going to helm his own Star Trek feature film and then Chris Pine decided to bail on the fourth entry in the Kelvin Timeline over pay disputes with the studio. Well now, it looks like all that has been put to bed as they've made peace and not it looks like it's all systems go for another entry in the rebooted travels of the Enterprise. It appears that all the stars of the first three movies will be back on board for a new adventure that has officially signed a new director.

News broke tonight that Noah Hawley, who had major television hits on his hands with Fargo and Legion, will be taking up the reins and getting Trek back into theaters. THR confirmed this news earlier this evening. 

Initially the fourth Star Trek was going to be a time travel story that would have seen Kirk reunite with his father played by Chris Hemsworth. During the contract dispute, this idea fell apart and will not be used for the upcoming project.