Coming Soon: Cutter Bill (2019) - Brett Bentman's Texas Neo-Noir

Brett Bentman's most recent film, 90 Feet From Home recently debuted exclusively on Vimeo.  Starring Adam Hampton (in one of the year's best performances) and WWE superstar Shawn Michaels, 90 Feet has taken the festival circuit by storm over the last few months.  Continuing his work with WWE stars, his upcoming film, Cutter Bill stars Dustin Rhodes.  This is the official synopsis: 

Two thieves attempt to steal 80 million dollars of hidden Texas drug money from the famed ranch belonging to a dead member of the infamous Cowboy Mafia. Jessup Cross (Thom Hallum) is a down on his luck gambler indebted to a notorious bookie known only as “The Indian.” He teams up with veteran wise guy Mitchell White (WWE Legend Dustin Rhodes) to locate the hidden fortune. Unbeknownst to them, the mute granddaughter, and heir to the ranch, is also hot on the money trail. Knowing where the money is hidden, and unable to speak, Lilly (Katy Harris) is quickly taken captive by Mitchell and Jessup and subjected to a series of interrogations which provide clues to the money’s whereabouts - ultimately buried with the remains of famed cutting horse, Cutter Bill. With 24 hours until The Indian’s arrival (Arthur Redcloud) Jessup must convince Lilly to help him dig up the money and avoid being killed by a mob of ruthless gangsters and double-crossing thieves, all set on finding the cash themselves.

The film will premiere December 16th courtesy of the USA Film Festival.