Galactic News: Check Out The New Mandalorian Teaser That Just Premiered During Mayans M.C.

The promo for The Mandalorian on Disney Plus is at full tilt right now. With two trailers already behind us, a fresh teaser was shown during the Mayans M.C. season finale tonight that gives fans another look at what will be coming in the first ever live action Star Wars television series. Set to premiere in November, the new show will be another way for Disney to expand further on the Star Wars universe while finally giving viewers a weekly show that takes place in the galaxy far, far away. To say we're excited would be an understatement. Breaking away from the current movie franchise with something like this is probably the best move they could have made and will hopefully get some of the fan base to finally make peace with Disney taking ownership of this property. 

Twitter user Johnamarie Macias from The Wookie Gunner caught the clip and posted it quickly to their Twitter account. The short video shows a few things we haven't seen before including some more footage of the Razor Crest and more battle footage. Check the video out below!!!