Galactic News: Obi-Wan Writer Reveals Details on the Disney+ Event Series

The Mandalorian is almost here and now we're treated to more details on the upcoming event series about Obi-Wan Kenobi which will see Ewan McGregor return to the iconic role. Months ago it was revealed that Disney Plus would be getting to work on another show set in the Star Wars galaxy. After rumors were finally put to bed that we'd be seeing a theatrical return for the Master Jedi, news broke that McGregor would be making a formal return to The Force. When speaking with Discussing Film, Obi-Wan writer Hossein Amini provided some info about the upcoming project. 

According to Amini, the story they're starting with was initially planned as a two hour Star Wars Story film, but is ultimately being used in the development for the show. They plan on starting to film in July 2020, which aligns with McGregor's current slate of movie projects. He also revealed that it will most definitely take place between Episode III and Episode IV. The plot will mostly focus on Obi-Wan's transition as the universe around him is changing. As most of the Jedi were slaughtered during Order 66, the singular Jedi will need to adapt and change. 

Amini expanded:

“The situation is so complex both for him personally and in a way, the state of the galaxy, you sort of need time to explore it and to be honest there are loads of other stories within that period as well, it’s quite a few years.There is so much going on between episode III and IV that hasn’t been explored. The idea of being able to go into a character journey plus the politics and plus all the vastness of the Empire and what’s going on is exciting just because it feels like a proper period of history and sometimes that is hard to do in two hours.”