Never Sleep Again: The Craven Estate Actively Pursuing Pitches For Another Nightmare

As we know by now, no franchise is safe from more sequels, reboots, or remakes. With that said, it looks like the Wes Craven estate is finally ready to get Freddy Krueger back into the dreams of teenagers in a new movie. According to several sources tonight, they're actively seeking out ideas for either a new movie that would see the return of the charred killer of children or are possibly looking into revitalizing it as an event series for HBO Max. This means that no active project is currently in development, but with rights reverting back to the estate a few months ago, they're truly looking for the best way to make another great Freddy movie or show. 

Already, the Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah owned SpectreVision is showing great interest in hopping on the Nightmare on Elm Street train. When asked, Wood had this to say:

“It’s a universe and a character and an idea that would be a fun sandbox to play in. It’s trying to do something different… It’s also interesting to think about what could we do with a franchise like that which reinvents itself or creates something that is playing with the tone and key of the franchise, but is doing it differently or taking it in a slightly new direction.” 

Now, we wait to see what happens with this really cool news. We'd love to see Krueger return if it's the RIGHT project.