Return to the Spider-Verse: Spider-Verse Sequel Announced For 2022

We'll make no bones about it: We loved Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. It was one of the best comic book and animated films of this decade, a total blast and endlessly re-watchable with a great soundtrack. Critics, audiences, and awards bodies loved it too, giving it the Best Animated Feature prize at the Oscars. 

Unsurprisingly, there have been rumors and whispers of a sequel, with teases popping up on Twitter yesterday. Well, those whispers have become a scream as Sony confirmed today via Twitter, that a sequel is on the way and has a date. On April 8,  2022, fans will be able to re-enter the Spider-Verse. 

Sony Pictures, Sony Animation, and Lord and Miller are all attached to go back to work on the film and we have to imagine that the original's all star cast will come back. We have no more concrete details about what the sequel is about but we can imagine that it will tie into the fun post credit sequence of the original Spider-Verse. We can't wait to see it and will be re-watching the original until further notice.