Scream For Me: Ghostface Being Resurrected for New Movie

No franchise is safe. From reboots to sequels to remakes, every horror franchise will eventually see a new iteration or continuation. While no real word has been released about how the next Scream movie will be attached to to previous releases, Bloody Disgusting is reporting tonight that there are current rumblings about another movie going into production some time soon. After four films and three seasons of the television show, we're not really sure which way they'll go with this. Several years back, Neve Campbell said she didn't really see how they could make another movie without Wes Craven. Well, where there's a will and some money to made, Spyglass Entertainment is about to figure it out. 

Craven directed all four of the movies and kept Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox around for the entire film franchise. As Neve stated earlier that she had a hard time picturing a Craven-less sequel, Arquette seems to think it'll serve as a tribute to the horror icon. 

There's really no other details released at this time other than they're seriously considering making a return to the Scream franchise. Perhaps a more modern update is needed. Or maybe it would be better off left alone. We'll update as we find out more.